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Judy Blue Mid Rise Heavy Destroyed Straight Jeans

Judy Blue Mid Rise Heavy Destroyed Straight Jeans

There is not enough GOOD things I can say about Judy Blue Jeans! They have broken the standards for jeans, and now our customers, and ourselves are obsessed.

Are you someone who puts on a pair of jeans, and they feel great until you've had them on all day and then you have a saggy butt, or they are just not as flattering or comfortable anymore?  This is because you have a stretchy jean, but it doesn't have recovery. Our Jeans have an AMAZING stretch, AND recovery. (Meaning it will return back to its original shape and size even after stretch.) So you will never have that problem here! 

Terms you will likely hear when figuring out Judy Blue sizing is "true Judy Blue sizing" - which can be confusing if you are trying Judy Blue Jeans for the first time. But here's the rundown:

Sizing for Judy Blues is 0-15 (odd sizing) and 14W-24W women's cut.


The difference between a size 15 and a 14W is a bit more room in the hips on the 14W.  The waist size is the same.  

ALL Judy Blues are a women's fit and mid to high rise.

If you don't know your normal "JUDY BLUE SIZE" here are some tips on how to size yourself!


Because Judy Blues are so stretchy we recommend for you to find your most stretchy pair of Jeans you love as a starting guide. 

*If that number is even, go down to the next odd number. Then one additional size down to find your Judy Blue Sizing. Trust us, they are that stretchy!

*If that number is odd, go down one size for your True Judy Blue Size. 


In most cases, your "Judy Blue Size" is what you want to stick with. The exception is a relaxed boyfriend and tummy control jeans, which in most cases you can go down one more size.

Judy Blue Shorts come in letter sizing (S, M, L, XL, 1XL, 2XL, 3XL)

Women’s Size 0-2 = Small
Women’s size 4-6 = Medium
Women’s Size 8-10 = Large
Women’s Size 10-12 = XL
Women’s Size 12-14 = 1XL
Women’s Size 16-18 = 2XL
Women’s Size 20-22 = 3XL

If you still have questions on what size is correct for you, please send us a message or email us! We are more than happy to help you find the perfect pair of jeans or shorts. 

    0/24: Waist 22" Hips32" Rise 9" Inseam 30"
    1/25: Waist 24" Hips 33" Rise 9" Inseam 30"
    3/26: Waist 26" Hips 34" Rise 9" Inseam 30"
    5/27: Waist 27" Hips 35" Rise 9" Inseam 30"
    7/28: Waist 28" Hips 36" Rise 9" Inseam 30"
    9/29: Waist 29" Hips 37" Rise 9" Inseam 30"
    11/30: Waist 30" Hips 38" Rise 10.5" Inseam 30"
    13/31: Waist 31" Hips 39" Rise 10.5" Inseam 30"
    15/32: Waist 32" Hips 40" Rise 11" Inseam 30"
    14W: Waist 31" Hips 41" Rise 11" Inseam 30"
    16W: Waist 33" Hips 43" Rise 11.5" Inseam 30"
    18W: Waist 35" Hips 45" Rise 12" Inseam 30"
    20W: Waist 37" Hips 47" Rise 12" Inseam 30"
    22W: Waist 39" Hips49" Rise 13" Inseam 30"
    24W: Waist 41" Hips 51" Rise 13" Inseam 30"

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